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The fine print

I/we submit this abstract for a presentation at the 2017 Australian & New Zealand Solution-Focused Conference to be held in Adelaide 14-16 July 2017.

IF my/our abstract is accepted, I/we undertake to register as attendee(s) at the conference and to attend the conference (at our own expense) at least on the day of the presentation. [We hope you will come for the WHOLE conference!]

I/we confirm that the presentation is original material and that I am/we are the copyright owner(s). I/we hereby indenify the conference organisers from any action regarding any alleged breach of copyright.

Where the presentation includes audio, video or transcript of actual conversation with client(s), I/we warrant that we have substantially changed identifying information to make the client(s) NOT identifiable and/or have the clients' signed consent to use the material.

Whilst retaining copyright to the presentation, I/we grant the Australasian Association for Solution-Focused Therapy Inc. permission to use and/or publish audio, video or written recordings of our presentation on the conference web site.

I/we acknowledge that we will need to print and copy any handouts or other notes that may be required for our presentation (alternatively, these may be made available for download from the conference web site.)