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The Journal of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is a scholarly journal that aims to support the Solution-Focused community through the publication of high-quality research in outcome, effectiveness or process of the Solution-Focused approach and the publication of high quality theoretical and/or case-study related material in the area of Solution-Focused practice.

Editorial Board — The Journal of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy has an Editorial Board that encompasses the breadth of Solution-Focused interest within a scholarly framework. The Editorial Board includes leading university researchers, leading trainers and leading practitioners, in North America, Europe, Australasia and Asia ... all of whom are recognised within the international Solution-Focused community and all of whom have published in peer-reviewed, academic publications.


The journal invites submissions as follows:

Research reports — We are committed to helping expand the evidence base for Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. The journal seeks scholarly papers that report the process and results of quantitative and/or qualitative research that seeks to explore the effectiveness of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy or seeks to explore aspects of the Solution-Focused process. We are also committed to research reports being "user-friendly" and so invite authors submitting research-based papers to address specifically the implications or relevance of their research findings to Solution-Focused practitioners.

Theoretical papers — The Solution-Focused approach raises many issues relating to psychotherapy theory, to our basic assumptions of working therapeutically and to the philosophical stance adopted by Solution-Focused practitioners. The journal welcomes papers that explore these issues and which offer novel arguments or perspectives on these issues.

Case study/Practice-related papers — We are committed to the journal being related to Solution-Focused PRACTICE. Therefore, we invite papers that explore the experience and perspective of practitioners. This might be a single case study, with significant analysis and reflection on the therapeutic process and which then distils some principles or insights which might be replicable, or it might be a paper which explores a series of clinical/practical cases and which seeks to draw out overarching principles which might be used by others.

Not just "therapy" — The Journal recognises that many useful and interesting manifestations of the Solution-Focused approach occur in settings that are not to do with therapy. Nonetheless, Solution-Focused interventions are all concerned with helping to facilitate CHANGE. The journal is called The Journal of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, at least in part in homage to our heritage. Nonetheless, the journal welcomes submissions that explore the use of Solution-Focused ideas in other settings. The journal enjoys a collegial relationship with the journal Interaction: The Journal of Solution-Focused in Organisations and, where appropriate, will discuss which journal offers the more appropriate publication forum.