The Third Australian & New Zealand Solution-Focused Conference will be held in Adelaide in July. We are pleased to host two of our international keynote speakers at training events in Melbourne and Sydney in the week following the conference.

A Solution-Focused approach to dealing with conflict and violence in large systems

Two-day workshop with Sofie Geisler — international consultant using Solution-Focused ideas with government and gangs

Quality Hotel Batman's Hill on Collins, Melbourne — 9:30 AM–4:30 PM — Tuesday and Wednesday, 18 & 19 July 2017

Different methods of constructive conflict management are to an increasing extent offered when disagreements and arguments are putting relations, work and lives at stake. Justice Systems all over the world make it possible to use methods like mediation, conciliation or arbitration in order to prevent or end draining lawsuits. Though Solution Focus has been affirmed to be especially efficient when applied to difficult situations and stagnation, it is usually not explicitly connected to conflict mediation. At an international level, there are several examples that show that this has started to change.

Based in Mexico City, Sofie Geisler is part of the effort to consolidate Solution Focused Mediation as a new and effective way of transforming conflicts into changed relations and sustainable agreements. This workshop focuses on how to use Solution Focus in mediation and offers practice in diverse scenarios.

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Sofie is an international consultant, governmental adviser and trainer in solution building in critical situations, conflict management and change processes. She is specialises on how to approach situations characterised by challenges, difficulties and stagnation at a governmental level, in organisations and companies as well as in a personal contexts. She has roots in Greenland and Denmark and lives in Mexico City, where she has worked for more than 15 years in the public sector as well as with private companies and social groups — from government to gangs.

Among other things, Sofie has worked with public policy programs and reforms, internal change processes, police and security topics, academic programs, training and with design as well as implementation of conflict management systems and legal mediation in Superior Courts of Justice.

Sofie Geisler is one of the brightest stars in the next generation of SF practitioners. From working with street gangs in Mexico City to getting involved in using SF with government agencies and national policy, Sofie has a huge range of practical experience in using SF in tough places and with people who need to be convinced. Sofie has a rare way of combining passionate advocacy with laser-sharp SF awareness and skills. She really walks her talk, and she is at the forefront of extending SF ideas into wider contexts. The chance to spend time working with Sofie at the workshop is a rare opportunity to be energized, challenged and inspired — = not to be missed.

— Dr Mark McKergow, co-director of sfwork — The Centre for Solutions Focus at Work,
international consultant, speaker and author

It was an amazing experience listening to Sofie when she did a day for us in Malmö this fall. She explores the limits of what is possible to do with Solution Focus. The contexts in which she uses the model are unbelievably difficult — and dangerous — and require tremendous self-discipline. I was truly in awe.

— Harry Korman, Psychiatrist, Malmö, Sweden.

Workshop regretfully cancelled.